Our Club


Southern Beaches Rugby was conceived from an idea when a few old boys from a variety of local clubs decided that they wanted somewhere local for their sons to play rugby.

The club came to fruition in 1995 when it  was registered with the ARU and became the first and only rugby club on the Eastern side of Lake Macquarie. Our association with the Redhead surf club enabled us to have our early meetings and functions at the Redhead Surf club.

The Inaugural Committee   consisted of Mark Vaughan (ex Waratahs) President, Allan Logan (ex Mayfield East) Vice President, John DeLore (ex Hamilton) Treasurer and Bob Schumack Secretary.

Our club colours of yellow for the sand, blue for the water and black for the coal were chosen to represent not only our location but to recognise the area’s history. This concept was further symbolised in our logo of a wave breaking behind a poppet head.  Our first playing strip was a sky blue jumper with a black collar, black shorts and black socks with sky blue and yellow turnover.

In the inaugural year we fielded two under Under 10 teams and an under 16 team.   Our first senior team was formed in 1997 and played in the second division B grade. The small number of teams in the club allowed it to develop the friendly and family orientated spirit that it still holds in good stead fifteen years later.

Our under 11s won our first junior premiership in 1996. The try was scored by Andrew DeLore, our current First Grade captain.  Our seniors won their first premiership in 1998 claiming the B grade title.

The club struggled in its early years to find a ground to call home. First games were played at John Balcombe Oval at Dudley. From there the juniors moved to Whitebridge High and then to Liles Oval at Redhead, but as the numbers grew it was obvious that the facilities were out grown by the club. In a move to have both seniors and juniors at the one oval, the council gave the club permission to set up at Holford Oval commonly known as The Hole.

This oval   was a fortress for Southern Beaches Juniors and through this period the club grew and prospered. In 2006 most Teams featured in the finals series or were just out of the top four .Grand Final Trophies were held high by a number of teams.

Once again  the growth in  the number of teams saw the club outgrow Holford Oval  With this in mind Southern Beaches moved to Allan Davis Oval at Gateshead in 2007 . It is from here that the Juniors wish to  again become a leading force.

2007 was the year under the guidance of President, Luke Brown, that Southern Beaches Seniors were successful in their application to join the Newcastle and Hunter Premier Division Competition. The First Grade Coach in 2007 was Brian (Jughead) Jones. Jughead had seen the club grow from its early years being one of the junior coaches in the club’s second year in 1996.  In that year the Colts, coached by Ettie Fillipo and Ben Crocker, were Minor Premiers only to lose in the Grand Final to University.

Southern Beaches is one of the newest clubs in the Newcastle and Hunter Rugby Competition .It has a very short but proud history to date. In 2010 the colts’ team coached by John DeLore, Tony Wansey and Mark Eades were undisputed Minor and Major Premiers.

Our Values

Southern Beaches Rugby Club is committed to developing a strong , family orientated rugby culture in the eastern side of Lake Maquarie . It is our vision to accomplish this through the combined efforts of committed players, a strong coaching unit, robust governance and skilled volunteers.

  • Committed Players are valued at SBRU . This involves commitments to training, playing and supporting the growth of our club.
  • Our Team of Coaches are committed to developing skills and values in individual players as well as growth on a team basis .
  • Our Board continues to develop the quality of our Rugby and Administration performance .
  • Volunteers are the life blood of our Club, an organisation such as ours cannot operate successfully without willing and dedicated
  • Our club is proud of it’s all inclusive reputation and we continue to accept players and volunteers from far and wide. Above all we are here to enjoy ourselves and develop sense of community both individually and collectively .We continue to provide both a sporting and social environment for all members and their families
Club Song

They cheered us from the grandstand,

They cheered us from the hill,

They cheered for Beaches rugby

and we gave the crowd a thrill.

We have a mighty forward pack

And a few great backs

And when we throw the ball around

We slay them in their tracks.

Singing Beaches, Beaches, Beaches rugby for me

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches rugby for me


Club Poem

The whistle blew to start the game,
It also started war,
The Beaches Boys were on the go,
Like never seen before.

From go to woe they powered on,
Relentless in their task,
When will they ever slow the pace,
The crowd was heard to ask.

They had a mighty forward pack,
They weighed about a tonne,
They rucked an mauled and tackled too,
There job was never done.

Besides the beef and ugly heads,
They had a set of backs,
And when they threw the ball around,
They slayed em’ in their tracks.

Battlescarred and weary legged,
They continued on their way,
And every time there was a chance,
They made their opponents pay.

And now the game is over,
The final whistle blown,
You’ll find them at the Mattara,
With a splashing of Cologne.

Stories will be getting told,
Wilder as they go,
But when the Bundy starts to fly,
The bullshit starts to flow.

And as “last drinks” is called out loud,
One thing is sure to stay,
The Beaches Boys are off to town,
Its been one hell of a day.